The Challenge

Perfect Stays Design Co is a new business venture offering professional styling in the booming short-term rental accommodation sector in both Australia and New Zealand.

The challenge was to create a brand and website within a limited budget, enabling the client to grow the business and invest more on their online presence and marketing as it evolves.

The Solution

Three branding concepts were created, with the one chosen by the client featuring a logomark of geometric shapes inspired by mid-century modern design. This was combined with a relaxing blue and white colour palette.

To establish an initial web presence, a one page website was designed which punches above its weight. A navigation menu linking to each key section of the page makes the site appear like a multi-page website, even though all the content is in fact on one page. Clear presentation of services, FAQs, a gallery of completed work and client testimonials demonstrates credibility from the get-go. 

The way the site has been built enables the client to extend it into a full multi-page website in the coming years to support her growing business and showcase more of her portfolio as it develops.