Hospitality Industry Website mockup

Troys Hospitality

The Challenge

Troys is a specialist hospitality staffing agency in Sydney that has built a reputation for excellence since its establishment in 1986. Known for their integrity and professionalism, and the high quality of their permanent and casual staff, Troys is a "go-to" for restaurants, corporate functions and events.

The business came to us with an outdated website that didn't convey the quality and professionalism of their offering. They needed to ensure the site appealed to both their target audiences – their prospective/existing clientele and prospective staff.

The Solution

Drawing from the Troys branding, we created a sleek primarily monochromatic design, bringing in touches of steel blue and gold to help convey the refined and high quality service they provide. Updated professional photography of Troys staff in action is front and central enabling prospective clientele to see at a glance the kind of staff they can hire, and prospective team members the kind of team they can join. 

The key types of staff available (Chefs, Bar & Cocktail etc) are clearly presented, as are the industry sectors Troys works with, enabling prospective clients to quickly identify whether Troys can meet their staffing needs. For those keen to join the Troys team, clearly showing the kinds of roles available and seamless linking to the organisation's existing online staff application processes was implemented.