At Handmade Web & Design, we put our heart and soul into every project, ensuring great quality every time.

Working with small to medium businesses on the NSW South Coast, Handmade Web & Design is the leading web and graphic design studio in the region. Known for the beautiful websites and branding we create and the results these deliver, we also work with small businesses in Sydney looking for a boutique agency without the big city price tag. Occasionally we help small businesses and associations from further afield in regional NSW and Victoria seeking quality design services that are not available to them locally.

Web designer in Nowra NSW


Anthony is our creative and technical lead. With 20+ years' experience, he is respected in the industry for his leadership roles at the BBC, myfamily.com, and pioneering Australian design agency Different.

Anthony Colfelt

Creative & Technical Director

Emma oversees the design and production of every project. With 10 years' experience as a senior user experience designer, she has a deep understanding of how people use the web.

Emma Colfelt

Design & Production Director

Hannah has a superb eye for detail and visuals. With 12 years’ experience in communications, marketing and website production, she is adept at ensuring all our websites are pixel perfect by launch day.

Hannah Jallard


Beau has completed a Diploma of Graphic Design at the Karl Von Busse Institute of Design in Sydney. He is a practical and straight forward thinker. His style is both corporate, sleek and fun and this can be seen across his portfolio. He has a love for branding, typography and layout.

Beau Winward

Junior Graphic Designer

Tom is our in-house technical specialist. He recently completed his studies in programming at Macquarie University.

Tom Brown

Web Producer


John works on complex WordPress integration for our larger clients, and builds custom e-commerce solutions using the powerful Magento platform.


John Tranter


When clients need us to organise photography for them, Chris steps in. His stunning images are an all-important ingredient to a finished website or printed brochure.


Chris Jallard


Jo has 18 years experience in television and multi-platform writing. She has worked across the Seven, Nine and ABC Networks, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. She is renowned for her clear, concise and engaging copy, and her ability to cut through the dross to sell any message.

Jo Willesee



Established by Anthony and Emma Colfelt in 2011, Handmade Web & Design is born from a passion for great design and how it can help businesses of all sizes to succeed.

Anthony & Emma Colfelt Berry

Anthony’s design career began early with his focus on the visual arts during his school years, culminating in selection for the prestigious ARTEXPRESS exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.

After obtaining his BA degree in Graphic Design from the University of Canberra in 1996, he worked for 3 years as a Graphic Designer for Canberran agency Symagy before moving to London to work as a Senior Designer for BBC New Media. After 5 years in the UK, he moved to Seattle in the US for 3 years, taking up User Experience Manager and Creative Director roles at the social media trailblazers classmates.com and myfamily.com respectively.

Emma obtained her BSc in Psychology with First Class Honours from University College London in 2000. With a series of awards for research under her belt, she won an Economic and Social Sciences Research Council Scholarship to fund her MSc degree.

After applying her research and organisational skills to 3 years leading a global health non-profit organisation based in London, she moved to Australia. Drawing on her psychology background, she started working as an Experience Architect for pioneering Australian experience design consultancy Different, specialising in website usability testing and customer research.

Anthony and Emma have worked together since 2007, when Anthony returned to Australia from the US. From guiding the ABC in the development of their digital services to introducing innovative customer-centred design techniques to companies such as Foxtel, AMPWestpacCochlear and Harvey Norman, they worked at Different as Creative Director and Practice Director until 2011, when they moved to Berry, where Anthony’s family has lived since he was 11 years old.

Establishing their own design studio was an obvious next step, and Handmade Web & Design has quickly earned a strong reputation for quality, professionalism, and friendly service.

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