The Challenge

Xperience Digital was a new venture for its experienced founders, specialising in working with the Adobe Experience software ecosystem to provide businesses with a centralised view of their customers and a single source of truth for profile management that caters for every touchpoint across the customer’s journey.

The name had been decided on, but everything else needed to be created for the business to commence operations – a brand, stationery, templates, marketing materials and a website.

The Solution

A full branding process was undertaken, starting with the exploration of six different brand concepts. These were narrowed down to one direction, which evolved into the logomark combining the letters X and D to symbolise the customer experience within digital channels. The shapes and typography are organic, approachable and edgy. Accompanying brand elements were created including imagery, green block colourshapes and custom iconography. A Style Guide consolidated the brand to guide future usage, design and marketing. A suite of materials including business cards, letterhead, compliments slip, envelope, email signature, Powerpoint template and a pull-up banner were designed to bring the brand to life.

The website was designed to convey the credibility of this new organisation at a glance, with a clean look and feel, and personality from the use of branding elements and the iconography. Presenting their service areas in a clear, user-friendly way and guiding visitors to get in touch were the secondary aims.