The Challenge

Casenoter is an innovative web application to help lawyers prepare their cases for court. Searching previous case databases and noting excerpts has traditionally been manual, laborious, and slow.

Handmade Web & Design was asked to develop a brand, do the user-experience design and the application UI design for a completely new solution to disrupt the status quo and give barristers and lawyers a technological step into the 21st century.

Casenoter is a local Wollongong-based startup, and we were excited to embrace the challenge of creating a usable solution for a complex and specialised set of requirements.

The Solution

Handmade looked to embrace a notes motif to create an identifiable brand mark, design system and colour scheme that gives a nod to the red leather binders preferred by lawyers and barristers. It adds new fresh colours and styling to push the tech feel of the brand. A style guide was created to allow Casenoter to keep the brand integrity as the project progressed into the future.

Leveraging our deep experience in designing complex software interfaces, we modelled user journeys and created wireframes to guide how requirements should be met with a UI specification.

Finally, our design team used the wireframes and brand to meld together a final UI solution that looks modern, is intuitive to use and sets the stage for the development team at Auxilis to build.

With Casenoter, the entire legal team working on a case can collaborate to collect notes by searching, screen-grabbing and adding their own notes to excerpts from previous cases.