MEY-Check App

The Challenge

The MEY-Check App was introduced as a digital replacement for the traditional paper-based "MEY-Check" (Model Economic Year Check) training manual, which had long served as a valuable resource for young farmers seeking to master effective farming methods.

A key aspect of this project's success was our collaboration with Square V, a renowned agriculture software development and user experience (UX) design firm based in Victoria. Square V played a pivotal role in developing the software and crafting the customer journeys and wireframes for the app, ensuring that the MEY-Check App was not only robust but also user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Software Development: Square V's expertise in software development brought the app to life. They employed cutting-edge technologies and programming techniques to create a stable and reliable platform that could withstand the rigorous demands of farming fieldwork. Their contribution ensured that the app was not only functional but also adaptable to challenging conditions, including offline use.
  • User Experience Design: Square V's UX team was responsible for the app's overall user experience. They conducted extensive research to understand the needs and preferences of young farmers. Their work resulted in an intuitive and engaging app interface that made the learning process enjoyable and effective.

The Solution

While Square V spearheaded the software development and UX design, our role was focused on the visual user interface (UI) design. We ensured that the app's visual elements, such as colours, typography, and layout, were not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-centric. Our team's contributions included:

  • Visual Branding: We developed a visual identity for the MEY-Check App that aligned with the parent organisation – Birchip Cropping Group – and agricultural theme, creating a cohesive and recognisable feel.
  • Graphic Elements: Our team designed icons, buttons, and other graphic elements that were easily distinguishable and user-friendly, catering to the needs of young farmers, including those with colour vision deficiencies.
  • UI Layout: We optimized the arrangement of elements on each screen to enhance usability, making sure that the visual interface facilitated efficient navigation and data input.

The collaboration with Square V allowed us to leverage their expertise in software development and user experience design, while our focus on visual UI design ensured that the MEY-Check App not only functioned exceptionally but also looked great and was easy to use.

The project introduced the MEY-Check App, reshaping farming education to make it more accessible, collaborative, and tailored to the needs of young farmers. This innovative tool empowered the next generation of farmers to adopt best practices and thrive in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape.

From the client

“We have been working with the team at Handmade for more than 6 years and they provide all of the visual design for our products. I can't speak highly enough of them – their work is always beautifully and thoughtfully designed and our clients love it. They also are really easy to talk to and don't make you feel stupid for not understanding "design things". I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for design work.”
– Vicki Lane, Director, Square V