Lawn Solutions Australia

The Challenge

Lawn Solutions Australia is an industry collective of premium turf growers across the country. Having already partnered with them on their first website, collaborating on their second when it was time for a redesign was a continuation of a strong partnership. With both the needs of customers and their turf growing members to consider, as well as wanting to maximise search rankings, there was a lot to take account of in the planning and design of this site. 

Several technically challenging functions were also required including providing customers with a way to easily get a quote from multiple accredited turf growers in their area, and a way to help customers determine the best turf variety for their situation.

The Solution

Crucial to the success of this project was an initial phase of work focusing on the user experience of the site. We facilitated a workshop with the LSA team and their design partners, Focus Creative, using card sorting techniques to explore how to structure the site to best meet user needs and goals. Combining this with our own UX expertise, we produced an information architecture to guide the design and development of the new site. Interaction flows were developed for the key user task of getting a quote from multiple growers, which needed to be as simple as possible.

For the design, we created a series of wireframes to determine the layout and hierarchy of information/functions on key pages of the site. Focus Creative produced visual designs based on these, which in turn our team translated into the built site. 

The website won Gold at the Sydney Design Awards, and even six years later it is looking great and working well, proving that whilst a good website requires investment, it repays with sales and longevity. The online quote process drives leads direct to member turf growers, a series of lead magnets is successfully building LSA's email marketing reach, and the SEO-friendly structure, breadth and depth of quality content ensures it leads the organic search rankings for its target keywords.

From the client

“Lawn Solutions Australia required a complete site re-build. We had a very unique concept to convey to our users and a group of over 40 of Australia’s best turf producers – we had a lot of people to please.

Handmade Web & Design more than met our expectations. Emma and Anthony, along with their team, took the time to get to know our stakeholders and our users, and did not scrimp on the due diligence. 

“Not only were we pleased with the end result, we were very pleased when the site was ready one week early!

Since the launch of the site, Handmade Web & Design have been in constant contact with us following up with tweaks, minor fixes and small additions, and we will continue to use their graphic design and technical support for a long time to come.”

– Kim Tranter, Manager, Lawn Solutions Australia