Our Recommended Marketing “Must Have” for Health & Wellness Brands

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The health and wellness industry is booming. In a period of two years (2015 to 2017), it grew by a massive 12.8%. Today, it is worth over 4.2 trillion globally.

These figures may not surprise you. After all, the industry is diverse, encompassing everything from gyms, to mental health services, to workplace wellness solutions and nutrition services. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why such solutions can be described as one part of a whole lifestyle.

Industries of such scale and progress create a demand for new tools. Today, there’s an abundance of new health and fitness technologies. They offer seamless user experiences, where health and wellness solutions are always accessible and constantly at play.

You don’t have to look too far to see these technologies and their new capabilities. Wearable fitness devices are allowing consumers to collect and monitor their own health data. Artificial Intelligence is delivering personalised health advice. Virtual reality is improving health care systems, even enabling for training through life-like experiences. Collectively, these technologies are creating a whole ecosystem, known as WellTech.

So, how could WellTech improve your business? Asking this question may reveal some simple opportunities to grow your health and wellness brand. If you invest in the right technologies, you will increase customer satisfaction, create more prospects, and a heighten the rate of returning clients.

Need an idea to get started? Here’s one of our favourite digital solutions, and how it can enable the health and wellness industry.

Why you need a digital booking system

If you offer consultations or appointments, a digital booking system is a non-negotiable. Afterall, it’s essential that your prospects can book an appointment with ease. There would be nothing worse than losing a customer because the booking process was too complicated or inconvenient.

But as we’ll see, good booking systems offer more than just convenience. Let’s explore their capabilities, starting with the obvious.

Quick and easy appointment management (beneficial for clients and staff!)

Put simply, online scheduling software will help you to manage your bookings, and therefore, the flow of your business. This is advantageous for both your customers, and your employees.

Clients can book their own appointment, avoiding any potential phone-tag. An online system will be available around the clock, allowing for easy bookings 24/7. The result? Prospects are likely to click through and secure the booking, rather than dropping off in the process.

The self-managed booking system also carries benefits for cancellations. Clients can cancel their appointment online, reducing the number of no-shows.  This will maximise your reservations and optimise the scheduling.

Employees will love the ability to access the bookings from multiple devices across multiple users. In addition, the pressure on reception will be alleviated.

Cost effectiveness

The reduction in manual workload, plus the improved prospect experience will have economic benefits. Digitalising your processes will be a great way to become more cost effective in the running of your business.

Three hidden benefits

If you’ve ever considered investing in a booking software, you’ve probably considered the above advantages. However, there are other benefits which you may not know about. Here’s a few less obvious advantages to consider.

Customers will be able to book from multiple platforms

One of the aspects we adore most about online booking systems is their ability to integrate with other platforms. This muli-channel presence is powerful, because it multiplies the capabilities.

Many appointment scheduling apps integrate with social media, allowing for bookings to be made through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Booking confirmations and reminders will be automated

Nothing says professionalism quite like a personalised booking confirmation. With a booking system, this is no longer manual. The booking will trigger an automated email or text message, containing the data such as the client’s name and the time of the appointment.

The benefits of automation don’t stop there. You can also set up automated appointment reminders to avoid no-shows. Perfect.

It will offer more opportunities for lead nurturing

Online bookings will allow for digital management of all prospects and clients – a huge win. We’ve already touched on the way a customer’s journey can be optimised through automation, but what about beyond this?

Well, you may consider to offer opportunities to opt into the newsletter, or follow you on socials. The result? Well, the client’s experience won’t end when they leave their appointment. They can choose to continue to receive your communications. If they do opt-in, you will be able to observe their behaviour as a lead, and even create tailored campaigns for them.

Sound good? Here are some booking platforms to check out

There are many different appointment scheduling platforms. In fact, there are booking applications specifically for the health and wellness industry.

Here are a few you might like to check out:


If in doubt, give it a try before you buy!

Still not sure if an online booking system is right for your business? Why not put it to the test? Many online booking systems offer a free trial, with some basic versions being free forever. You can’t afford to wait, so get exploring!

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