Web Hosting and Maintenance

What is web hosting and maintenance?

Every website needs a place to live on the internet, and web hosting is an allotment of space on a web server. There are three main types of hosting available: Dedicated Hosting; Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting.

The most common is shared hosting because it's most economical for you and easier for the host to manage. However, not all shared hosting is created equal. Handmade's web hosting is built on a private, new and powerful server in a data centre in Sydney, specially optimised for WordPress websites.

We actively manage our hosting and the sites on the server – we know every site and every plugin, and keep the sites updated for optimal security.

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Does web hosting include maintenance?

Looking after your website so that it stays secure.

Most web hosting does not include maintenance to your website. That's where Handmade's hosting service is different. We update all our WordPress websites at least a few times a year, to ensure that the software doesn't become a security liability.

Of course, many prefer to have their site software updated more frequently. We have packages to accommodate different needs and risk exposure.

  • Basic Hosting – Software updated a minimum 2 x per year
  • Business Hosting – Software updated 4 x per year
  • Premium Hosting – Software updated 12 x per year

We encourage our customers to leave the updates to us, as we will be able to put right any problems that occur before they cause undue disruption in your business.

Hosting Costs

What does it cost to host and maintain a website?

Web hosting can be very cheap, but we think you get what you pay for.

Our three web hosting packages, which include basic updates cost (before GST):

  • Basic Hosting – $33/month
  • Business Hosting – $55/month
  • Premium Hosting – $120/month

We also have maintenance retainers, which guarantee super-responsive support and cheaper rates for any content or software updates you want.

  • Tier 1 ($120 per month) – up to 1 hour / month with a 4% discount
  • Tier 2 ($240 per month) – up to 2 hours / month with a 4% discount.
  • Tier 3 ($475 per month) – up to 4 hours / month with a 5% discount. Includes Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Tier 4 ($900 per month) – up to 8 hours / month with a 10% discount. Includes Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

We have higher tiers for more hours and better discounts too. Check out our packages.

What Maintenance is Included?

Website hosting and maintenance services

We make sure your WordPress site stays up to date to prevent the threat of hackers from exploiting old code loopholes. Our website maintenance services include:

  • Updating WordPress software
  • Updating Themes to new versions
  • Updating Plugins to the latest versions

We also have maintenance retainers, which for a monthly commitment, provide you with guaranteed express service levels and discounted hourly rates.

With a maintenance retainer, you may use your monthly allotted hours for whatever updates you would like made to your site.

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