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Custom website development

At Handmade Web & Design, we believe your website needs both beauty and brains. When creating a website or web app, the main factors of concern to most are speed, flexibility, admin-friendliness, security and maintainability. Many of these factor into how well your site will rank in search results, either directly or indirectly.

Web development at Handmade Web & Design is done by our expert team of in-house web developers using the latest standards-compliant technologies. These guys and girls are passionate about ensuring that under the bonnet of your website, the engine is peppy and purring.

WordPress Website Development

Custom WordPress websites for Australian businesses

We mostly create beautiful custom WordPress sites. These are built to a bespoke design we create, not from a template factory. That means our websites are unique to you and your competitor is unlikely to pop up looking just the same.

Alternatively if you have an existing design partner, we can also work with the website mockups they produce and build from there.

We believe in WordPress, because it’s the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world with a 64.2% market share (Search Engine Journal, June 2022). You can add new complex features cheaply and easily at any time, so it’s economical and future-proof.

And if you want to take your website elsewhere someday, you don’t have to stick with us because of a CMS that’s a “unique flower”, only understood by your current partner.

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