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Ensure your customers can find you easily

Sometimes an awesome-looking website just isn’t enough. You need to have prospective customers find your website quickly by searching online. As a small Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency, we take work on a small number of projects but deliver big results.

We all know that search is an essential digital marketing strategy. But did you know that if your site is ranked 1st, you are twice as likely to get a visit as the website holding position 2? By the time you're on page 2 of the results, you'll have tumbleweed blowing by while wondering if a website is worth having at all!

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What is SEO?

How we get your website to rank

When your SEO is working well, your site can give you the return on investment you always hoped for. But you can't expect many enquiries from customers if they cannot find you on page one of the results.

Handmade Web & Design can get your site to rank by doing SEO work that includes:

We research keywords and ensure your site has the right architecture, content and plan to ensure you are optimising for the right search terms.

See what keywords your competitors rank well for and what their positions are. This sets the goalposts for what to beat.

We know you haven't always got the time to keep creating fresh content for your site. We can ghostwrite content for you that ticks the right boxes for the bots.

Technical optimisation to see that your site is friendly to the search robots. We address speed, metadata, microdata and other technical considerations.

Get a monthly report about how your keyword ranking positions are going against your competitors. See how much traffic various keywords are generating.

How our search agency works

A flexible collaboration for optimal results

We can work with you closely, or autonomously

We work with a range of businesses who need to get better results in search. We’re happy to work autonomously so you can set and forget, but we find the best results come from a collaborative approach. Expect that we’ll work with you to deliver the results you’ve struggled to achieve yourself so far.

Monthly retainers

SEO isn’t a one-hit wonder – it’s a minimum 6-month investment to get traction. The best results come with consistent and sustained effort over the long haul. To achieve this it’s best when we can partner with you for on a month-to-month basis.

Our Process

Step 01


We'll work with you to understand your industry and position within it, then capture a brief for what success might look like.

Step 02


We'll do an audit of your current site if you have one, audit your competitors, do keyword research and come back to you with a plan of attack. This will include what keywords we think we can get ranking soonest, and which will deliver the best results. This usually takes the first month to complete.

Step 03


With the strategy in hand, we'll get busy from month two onward to start technically optimising your site, adding new content and getting backlinks.

Step 04


At the end of each month, we'll report back to you on progress. We'll be measuring increase in traffic to your site, keyword ranking positions, number of leads and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our SEO packages are aimed to push your results to the top of Google organic search results. We’ll create content, optimise technical aspects of your site, get you quality backlinks and report back results each month.

Depending on your objectives, and the speed with which you need to get results, our SEO packages start at $1500 per month for small local campaigns. For larger national campaigns, you should expect to invest closer to $4500 per month. 

SEO companies cannot get your rankings up faster than Google moves, which is not very fast. There are various factors which impact on how quickly results can be expected:

  • The age of your domain
  • The search-competitiveness of your industry
  • The difficulty/competitiveness of your desired keywords
  • The quality of your website and hosting
  • The amount you can invest

We'll help you work out where the sweet spot is between a sustainable investment and solid results.

Sure! If you know what you're doing, have at it. But, we recommend at least getting a strategy done by an expert, and a check-in audit every 3 months, so that you can be sure you're working effectively.

Some think they can do SEO if they have Yoast installed on their website. But there is a lot more to search success than making the dots go green on your content article.

We'd recommend that unless you have a lot of time to learn and do SEO, then you would be better giving it to an agency that you can trust... like us!

If you can afford it, the best idea is to do both! Ads will almost always sit above organic rankings, so they will attract a hefty percentage of clicks. But not everyone clicks on ads, thinking they are biased, so they go straight to the organic listings lower down the page. If you can have space in both of those places, you get two bites at the cherry.

SEO is a better long-term investment than ads because more traffic comes from organic search than paid search. Your ad budget has to run out at some point, but your organic listing will keep plugging away even after you've finished working to make it rank.

But, if you need results quickly, there is no substitute for Ads, which can give you that sugar hit when you need it quick!

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