Yellow House Heritage Perennials

A modern website design for a nursery which mirrors the beauty of the perennials.
About This Project

Yellow House Heritage Perennials is a small cottage garden nursery in the NSW South Coast town of Nowra. While the majority of their sales are online, they are also open by appointment. There are hundreds of different perennials in the nursery, including Cranesbill Geraniums, Geums, Achilleas, Artemisias, Heleniums, Salvias, Penstemons, Perennial Phlox and Sanguisorbas.

When we were tasked with re-designing the website, our priority was mirroring the beauty of the perennials in an inviting website design. We expanded on the brand’s colour pallet, creating an earthy yet fresh look.

The website’s e-commerce functionalities make it easy to browse and purchase from the range. For example, users can browse by applying categories such as colour, collections and type of plant.