ShieldGEO Website

About This Project

ShieldGEO is a provider of global employment solutions, helping businesses to navigate the complexities of doing business in countries far from home. From the start, this complex subject matter needed to have a solution that made clear the vicissitudes of global employment law, immigration, payroll tax and incorporation rules.

Handmade Web & Design worked with ShieldGEO through a series of workshops to understand the needs, goals and pain-points of the target market. We then collaborated to create “user personas” that encapsulated these attributes, and used in further workshops to define ideal usage scenarios for these archetypal users. Through this process we arrived at the ideal information architecture and page structure.

The technical solution for the site required that we build a system that would enable ShieldGEO to add content about countries that they serve, over time. With a lot of complex tabular data and the like to enter, this required heavy customisation to the administration side of WordPress to ensure it was robust and user-friendly. The end result is a visually clean, intuitive yet very information-rich site that will build search ranking power over time.

From the client
Huge thanks to the Handmade Web team for our website. From the first workshops with Anthony where we started to explore who the site was for and what we wanted it to do, we knew we were in safe hands. The end result is something we’re really proud of. And our customers love it!

– Tim Burgess, Director, ShieldGEO