Milliken Builders Website

About This Project

Milliken Builders had no web presence when they first came to us, but knew they needed to resolve this in order to get in front of prospective clients who tend to research builders online.

We started by doing a simple refresh to their existing logo, which was looking a little dated. We redrew the graphic and selected a new font, which combined to give the business a modern yet approachable look.

Next we applied the new branding to business cards which are key in the promotion of their services in the local region.

Finally the website was designed to ensure that the approach of this family-owned company shone through – they pride themselves on their customer service and quality of work, and this needed to be clear to prospective clients. We included a portfolio of projects as well as a blog to assist with search engine optimisation. The owners can also update the website themselves, enabling them to continue improving their search rankings over time by adding fresh content.

From the client
It didn’t take long to decide that Handmade Web were the web builders for us because of their website's company profile, the information about themselves and the examples of their completed projects. This decision was confirmed through my initial contact with Anthony and was cemented with each subsequent consultation.

During the web building process Handmade Web definitely minimised the difficulties, removed a lot of the stress and enabled us to achieve our goal. They responded promptly to my initial enquiry and to my questions and feedback throughout the entire design process. I also liked that they gave several web building options to suit different budgets and didn’t push the most expensive.

The team gave advice on current design trends but also listened to what we thought suited our company ‘personality’ and blended both to create a professional site unique to us. With their suggestions, support and encouragement throughout the process we developed a relationship that will continue into the future as we develop our site.

- Lydia Milliken