Khe Design Identity

Visual identity for a high end interior designer and stylist in Sydney
About This Project

A stylish identity was needed for this talented interior designer who transforms properties throughout Sydney. We explored a variety of different design directions, and this design was the final result – a winning combination of stylish minimalism with a splash of personality and colour through the hand-painted watercolour graphic. The identity has since also been applied business cards and a website we also designed and developed.

Khe Designs also needed a sub-brand created for another arm to their business – Khe Design Safaris – which ran exclusive tours of designer haunts in Sydney, some of which were only accessible to those in the industry. The sub-brand identity needed to match the ‘master brand’ of Khe Design, have a distinct (but complementary) colour palette and a distinguishing mark or graphic.

The end result uses a deep orange (the classic complementary colour to blue) and draws on the African concept of wildlife safaris in the stamp-like graphic. The Khe Design Safaris sub-brand identity was applied to a postcard and a discount card as shown in the examples.

From the client
In my industry, branding and image plays a very important part, so when starting my own interior design business I wanted to ensure this was done right from the start. I had a very clear picture of what I wanted; nothing too corporate looking but rather something that would reflect my design philosophy – individual, personal, creative. A friend who had worked with Handmade suggested that I get in touch with them. After my first meeting with Anthony, I was convinced that he had grasped my very comprehensive brief and examples of their previous work ensured me that they would deliver the kind of identity that I was hoping for Khe Design.

Emma and Anthony are a great team - they could always interpret any requests I had about a specific look and feel and were very patient with changes and fine tuning along the way. I am very pleased with the result and thoroughly enjoyed working with the team.

- Jo Kheir