Alcock Stone Website

About This Project

Based in the far South Coast of NSW, Alcock Stone manufactures architectural concrete and natural precast stone walling systems.

Their solutions include:

  • Architectural concrete and stone house wall panels
  • Stone and concrete internal and external feature wall panels
  • Stone entrances and mail boxes
  • Structural stone and concrete retaining walls
  • Stone garden beds and steps
  • A range of beautiful natural stone finishes


In creating the Alcock Stone website, we ensured that it would work as a platform to both showcase these products and their unique value.

The homepage clearly shows Alcock Stone’s key services, and also displays the 6 key benefits of these solutions. As such, it allows for the audience to quickly learn all about architectural concrete and stone walling systems. The projects page shows off the portfolio of work from Alcock Stone. Users can view these projects by type, while the “Stone & Finishes” page displays the range of natural aesthetics and stone types.