The Challenge

Salt first came to us in 2018 seeking help with rebranding and a new website to support the amazing work they do helping the homeless and disadvantaged. Their existing logo was looking dated and they wanted a fresh new look with a "parent brand" for Salt, and "sub-brands" or "child brands" for their three main areas of work – Salt Ministries, Salt Care and Safe Shelter. 

We needed to create something modern and friendly, that would allow this busy organisation to continue to expand their offerings and add more sub-brands in the future. A new website was also needed to share their work with their engaged community, volunteers and sponsors. 

The Solution

The new parent brand retained the lowercase lettering of the existing logo, but with a distinctive rounded typeface. Sub-brands use the same typeface but in a consistent circular device, each with different illustrated elements and their particular name. Since creating the original three sub-brands, we have continued to support Salt with creating a further six sub-brands over the following years, all following the same consistent style.

The new website was designed to show these different aspects of Salt and the work each does, as well as to enable community members to easily keep up to date with their regularly posted videos and news articles. It also enables the public and businesses to make online donations and encourages the community to volunteer in their numerous projects.

Since this initial project we have been pleased to help Salt with additional websites, stationery and marketing materials, from signage for their homeless shelter and donation tin design, to a sponsorship prospectus and coffee van artwork.

We are pleased to be able to work with Salt at discounted rates to support the wonderful work they do.