Community Services Website Mockup

The Challenge

With 56 offices nationally, award-winning company Rehab Management provides occupational rehabilitation services to people who have suffered an injury or have a disability. The focus of the service is on helping individuals to re-enter and stay active within the workplace, with support offered to both employees and employers to promote staff retention and management.

Rehab Management needed a new website to reflect the innovative and people-centred nature of the company, and wanted an agency that could partner effectively with both them and their existing design partner, Stephen Busuttil.

The Solution

Working from the designs crafted by Stephen, our team developed the website with accessibility and user-friendliness at front of mind. Central to why people come to the site is to find their local Rehab Management office, so a custom postcode lookup tool with integrated mapping solution was built to work smoothly and intuitively. 

Organising and presenting the range of services Rehab Management offers to individuals and employers in an easy to understand way was also critical. A full Careers section integrated with the company's third party recruitment solution was incorporated, and an admin-friendly News area and customer stories which are easy for the marketing team to add to regularly.

A close collaboration with both the designer and Rehab Management ensured the finished result exceeded everyone's expectations.