The Challenge

Real Simple Home Loans is an exciting venture planned to disrupt the residential lending sector. With a bold idea to simplify the process of getting a home loan, the founders were looking for help to create a complete brand.

They also needed a landing page deployed fast to enable the interested prospective clients to sign up for further information, whilst a full website was created.

The Solution

With the name as a start point, a full Brand Framework was developed including the Vision, USP, Brand Promise, Values, Personality and Tagline. In conjunction with this, visual concepts were explored to bring the brand to life. The final logo combines simple geometric building blocks with a house to create a 'real simple' yet bold identity. A playful colour palette, accompanying design elements including patterns and the use of the 'building block' shapes in different ways was then consolidated into a full Brand Playbook to guide all further marketing and use of the brand going forward.

The website aimed to demonstrate that working with Real Simple to get a home loan is "as easy as child's play" with step by step blurbs that make the process easy to understand at a glance, clear easy to compare interest rates, and throughout the repeating design motif of the building block shapes used as iconography, patterns and image backgrounds.