Community Service Website Mockup

The Challenge

North Shoalhaven Meals on Wheels is a registered charity which operates of a friendly support service of over 250 volunteers delivering nutritious meals and social interaction to people in the region. The organisation came to us seeking help to overhaul their web presence and craft a digital marketing campaign to increase their client base and volunteer resources. The key challenge for the project was the need to coordinate a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach involving the client, our creative, digital marketing and technical team members, and a video production company to ensure a quality end result that delivered on the project goals.

The Solution

The first step was a creative process to develop the Delivering More' concept and messaging that is front and centre of the website and digital marketing campaign. From this we developed a script and storyboard, and worked with Atmosphere Productions to shoot a video including real volunteers and clients.

Meanwhile the website was designed to receive traffic from the campaign, building on the 'Delivering More' concept to provide clear, easy to navigate information about delivered meal services, with a sample menu, pricing, how to order in simple steps, FAQs, and an online meals request form, aiming to make it easy for prospective clients and their families to research and sign up for meals. 

For prospective volunteers, easily digestible information about why and how to become a volunteer and the range of volunteer roles available is presented along with FAQs, an application form and resources for active volunteers. The website also incorporates recent news, wellness and nutrition information and the capacity to process online donations. 

Once the website was live, the digital marketing campaign was executed across social media and re-marketing ads. During the campaigns the website received nearly 6,000 views, and more than 70% of visitors during that time were driven there by the campaign. Almost 500 of them downloaded the sample menu and nearly 50 made an enquiry via the form on the website.