Building Business Logo

The Challenge

A new business venture for an experienced construction team, specialising in residential renovations in the Wollongong area. 

The client needed a contemporary brand and a website to demonstrate their credentials and portfolio, all on a limited budget.

The Solution

The branding process began with the creation of three concepts, all modern in feel but exploring different devices and logomarks. The chosen direction used a minimalist approach with thin linework and open space to create a contemporary look and feel. 

A single page website with a bespoke design was created with full menu navigation to help visitors navigate easily to the information they seek, and also for the site to appear larger than it actually is. Professional photography of the client's beautiful completed projects and testimonials from their clients demonstrate the quality of their work and increase trust. 

As Arke Projects grows as a business, this single page website will be able to be extended into a full multi-page site with a larger project portfolio.