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1. Beautiful, creative design

When it comes to branding and web design, looks do matter. Research shows that customers can judge the quality of a business and their products in a split second. In the case of websites, it can be as fast as 50 milliseconds. Will they stick around to find out more, or hit the back button?

2. Holistic expertise

Our deep experience and expertise tells us that that to succeed, we need to take a holistic approach to each project.

Great design must be based on clear business objectives. We design with your objectives, unique selling point and customers in mind, and can give you suggestions for things you may not have considered.

Our websites and online stores are designed with digital marketing and search engine optimisation in mind from the very beginning, rather than this being an afterthought.

Handmade is a Certified HubSpot Agency Partner, Certified AdRoll Agency Partner, and is Google Ads Certified.

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3. Quality one stop shop

From your logo to your website, from your business cards to your signage, we can take care of all your design needs, ensuring your brand is strong and coherent across all mediums.

Our team can take care of photography, copywriting and printing and will ensure a quality result, because at the end of the day, your project is the only proof we have of our skill. We have a vested interest in ensuring that all our work is is worthy of our portfolio.

4. Accessible

You don’t need to work with a Sydney agency to get great results. Our team have worked as senior designers for high profile clients in the US, the UK and Australia for more than 20 years. Based in Berry just two hours from Sydney, we combine city credentials with friendly country service. We are active participants in our local business community, with Anthony volunteering his time and expertise as an educator and mentor in Branding, Social Media and Digital Strategy at iAccelerate in Wollongong.

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5. Accountable & transparent

Once we understand your needs, we spend time putting together a detailed breakdown of what we can do for you. In the case of websites, this includes proposed pages and functions. We spell out in plain English what is included and what isn’t, so there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises later down the line. We feel a real obligation to deliver the best to our fellow business owners.

6. Adaptable

We relish the challenge of adapting our skills to different budgets, industries and locations. Whether you’re a start up with a small budget or a medium-sized business wanting to invest in SEO, we can put together a quote for you. We’re not dogmatic about one particular way of working; for some businesses we can deliver the best results through the beautiful customisation of a pre-built website template; for others a completely bespoke design is the only way to meet their unique needs.

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Handmade Web Client Oriented Design

7. We go the extra mile

We get our job satisfaction from producing results that you and your customers love. We always do more work than we charge for on projects – extra hours honing the design, more training for you, additional tweaks to something. Rest assured we want a perfect result as much as you do. We also do any minor updates to the site for free for the month following launch.

8. Easy to work with

We pride ourselves on being friendly and professional. We oversee every project, making sure you know what you need to be doing. We follow up, we’re reliable, and we always meet deadlines that we agree together.

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9. Community-minded

Our team is personally and professionally committed to making a positive contribution to our local and global community. This takes many forms, including a 10% discount to non-profit organisations, pro bono work, and sponsorship of good causes. We support other local businesses as far as possible, and work with other independent businesses further afield when we need to. We also take an active role in caring for our environment, and to that end operate a paperless office and offset our energy use so we are carbon neutral.

10. We always look out for you

Even when a project has ended, we keep looking out for our clients. We give advice when they need it, promote them on social media and advocate for them whenever we can.

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